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ALTEX: Current Issue: 2/09

ALTEX 2/09 Cover

Horst Spielmann
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Thomas Hartung:
Food for thought . . . on evidence-based toxicology
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Adobe PDF icon Anja Henn, Søren Lund, Maj Hedtjärn, André Schrattenholz, Peter Pörzgen and Marcel Leist:
The suitability of BV2 cells as alternative model system for primary microglia cultures or for animal experiments examining brain inflammation

Mahtab Bahramsoltani, Johanna Plendl, Pawel Janczyk, Pia Custodis and  Sabine Kaessmeyer:
Quantitation of angiogenesis and antiangiogenesis in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro—an overview
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Ursula G. Sauer:
Animal and non-animal experiments in nanotechnology—the results of a critical literature survey
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Konstanz, Germany: First joint meeting of the German and Swiss Societies of Cell Biology Brussels, Belgium: Checking on the direction: 2008 EPAA Annual Conference


CH: In vitro veritas in Geneva, Switzerland
CH: In vitro selection of antibodies: a new gold standard
EU: Acceptance of a new in vitro skin irritation method
EU: Ban on acute toxicity tests on animals for cosmetics ingredients
EU: EDQM accepts alternative to rabbit pyrogen test
GER: Doctors against animal experimentation see opportunities in the revision of 86/609
GER: Ursula M. Haendel Prize 2009 goes to Hannover 
GER/USA: Standardisation adulterates animal experiments
NI: Scientists confirm crab’s memory of pain
OECD: Experts approve new test guideliens for acute inhalation toxicity
UK: NC3Rs event marks 50th anniversary of the 3Rs
UK: Becoming conscious about fish conscience
USA: New EPA strategic plan for evaluating the toxicity of chemicals
GER: Gotthard M. Teutsch deceased
USA/CAN/JAP/EU: Countries unite to reduce animal use
USA: Inauguration of the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Chair at John Hopkins University
USA: The Baltimore ALTEX Office



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Building a Better Epithelium: Breaking the Barrier to the Next Generation of Toxicity Testing
March 10, 2018
San Antonio, TX

SOT Satellite Meeting: Updates on Activities Related to 21st Century Toxicology and Related Efforts: Invited Presentations and Open Mic
March 15, 2018
San Antonio, TX

Social Housing Workshop
June 4-5, 2018
Beltsville, MD

2nd Pan-American Conference for Alternative Methods
August 23-24, 2018
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Eurotox 2018
September 2-5, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

20th International Congress on In Vitro Toxicology (ESTIV2018)
October 15-18, 2018

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