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ALTEX 26: Special Issue

Altex 26: Special Edition

(All Articles are in PDF)

Abstracts 7th World Congress Rome 2009

Thomas Hartung and Herman B. W. M. Koëter

Franz P. Gruber


Early Morning Sessions

  • MS1: 3R centers 1: Asian regulatory affairs in animal welfare and alternatives
  • MS2: Industry activities 1
  • MS3: Animal welfare associations
  • MS4: Educational activities
  • MS5: 3R centers 2
  • MS6: Associations
  • MS7: Lessons learned from the validation and potential regulatory applicability of in vitro alternative pyrogen tests
  • MS8: Industry activities 2
  • MS9: 3R centers 3

Plenary Sessions

  • PL1: The US "Tox21" community and the future of toxicology testing
  • PL2: Animal health and welfare in the food chain: food for thought
  • PL3: Brueghel's two monkeys: passing the final exam in the history of mankind
  • PL4: Metabonomics-driven top-down systems biology: techniques and applications
  • PL5: Predictive testing strategies: R&D achievements and perspectives
  • PL6: Is forefront science considered and applied in regulatory risk assessment?
  • PL7: - The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique: timeless insights and unheeded warnings
    - The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique: is it relevant today?
  • PL8: Calling on science: making alternatives the new toxicity-testing gold standard

Theme 1: Innovative technologies, concepts and approaches

Breakout Sessions

  • BS1: Integrated approaches
  • BS2: Chemical and physical methods
  • BS3: High throughput technologies
  • BS4: Omics and systems biology
  • BS5: Non-invasive technologies
  • BS6: Non-vertebrate models
  • BS7: In silico models
  • BS8: Databases: scientific approaches
  • BS9: In vitro technologies
  • BS10: Current and evolving concepts for the validation of safety assessment methods

Extra Breakout Sessions

  • EB1: Status report on Predict-IV
  • EB2: Status report on on evidence based toxicology project
  • EB3: Status report on CAESAR
  • EB12: Update on ICH and VICH progress

Lunch Sessions

  • SL1: Databases: progress report
  • SL2: Good Cell Culture Practices

Poster sections

  • PO1: Integrated approaches
  • PO2: Chemical and physical methods
  • PO3: High throughput technologies
  • PO4: Omics and systems biology
  • PO5: Non-invasive technologies
  • PO6: Non-vertebrate models
  • PO7: In silico models
  • PO8: Databases
  • PO9: In vitro technologies
  • PO10: Validation concepts 

Theme 2: Areas of animal use

Breakout Sessions

  • BS11: Basic research
  • BS12: Chemicals and pesticides
  • BS13: Cosmetics
  • BS14: Pharmaceuticals
  • BS15: Food improving agents
  • BS16: Genetically modified organisms
  • BS17: Nanomaterial toxicity testing
  • BS18: Vaccines and biologicals
  • BS19: Education and training
  • BS20: Animal use policies

Extra Breakout Sessions

  • EB4: Status report on ICATM
  • EB5: Status report on EPAA
  • EB6: Status report on ReProTect
  • EB7: Status report on OSIRIS

Lunch Sessions

  • SL3: 2009 developments in the field of alternative methods
  • SL4: Recent progress and future directions in the validation and regulatory acceptance of alternative test methods that reduce, refine, and replace animal use

Poster sections

  • PO11: Basic research
  • PO12: Chemicals and pesticides
  • PO13: Cosmetics
  • PO14: Pharmaceuticals
  • PO15: Food improving agents
  • PO16: Genetically modified organisms
  • PO17: Nanomaterial toxicity testing
  • PO18: Vaccines and biologicals
  • PO19: Education and training
  • PO20: Animal use policies

Theme 3: Progress in life science domains

Breakout Sessions

  • BS21: Skin and eye toxicity 1
  • BS22: Skin and eye toxicity 2
  • BS23: Systemic toxicity and target organs
  • BS24: Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity
  • BS25: Reproduction, development and fertility
  • BS26: Disease models
  • BS27: Environmental science
  • BS28: Animal welfare science
  • BS29: Immunology
  • BS30: Neuroscience

Extra Breakout Sessions

  • EB8: Status report on ACuteTox
  • EB9: Status report on ToxCast
  • EB10: Status report on Sens-it-iv
  • EB11: Introduction and status report on ESNATS -  EU Project

Lunch Sessions

  • SL5: Animal use policies: the future of animal welfare legislation
  • SL6: Vaccines: acceptance of 3R methods

Poster sections

  • PO21/22: Skin and eye toxicity
  • PO23: Systemic toxicity and target organs
  • PO24: Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity
  • PO25: Reproduction, development and fertility
  • PO26: Disease models
  • PO27: Environmental science
  • PO28: Animal welfare science
  • PO29: Immunology
  • PO30: Neuroscience


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