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ALTEX: Current Issue 2010: Vol 27, No.4

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PDF icon Editorial
Franz P Gruber


21st Century Validation Strategies for 21st Century Tools

PDF icon Joanna Jaworska and Sebastian Hoffmann:
Integrated Testing Strategy (ITS) opportunities to better use existing data and guide future testing in toxicology

PDF icon Kim Boekelheide and Melvin E. Andersen:
A mechanistic redefinition of adverse effects a key step in the toxicity testing paradigm shift

PDF icon Thomas Hartung:
Evidence-based toxicology-the toolbox of validation for the 21st century?

PDF icon Daniel R. Dietrich:
Courage for simplification and imperfection in the 21st century assessment of "Endocrine Disruption"

PDF icon Deborah Rudacille:
Summary of the July 2010 Workshop,"21st Century Validation Strategies for 21st Century Tools"


PDF icon Thomas Hartung:
Comparative analysis of the revised Directive 2010/63/EU for the protection of laboratory animals with its predecessor 86/609/EE C - a t4 report


PDF icon Laura Ducceschi, Nicole Green and Crystal Miller-Spiegel:
Dying to learn: the supply and use of companion animals in U.S. colleges and universities*


PDF icon Marcel Leist, Liudmila Efremova and Christiaan Karreman:
Food for thought ... considerations and guidelines for basic test method descriptions in toxicology

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