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ALTEX: Current Issue 2012: Vol 29, No. 1

ALTEX 29.1, January 2012 Cover

Sonja von Aulock


t4 report:
David A. Basketter, Harvey Clewell, Ian Kimber, Annamaria Rossi, Bas Blaauboer, Robert Burrier, Mardas Daneshian, Chantra Eskes, Alan Goldberg, Nina Hasiwa, Sebastian Hoffmann, Joanna Jaworska, Thomas B. Knudsen, Robert Landsiedel, Marcel Leist, Paul Locke, Gavin Maxwell, James McKim, Emily A. McVey, Gladys Ouédraogo, Grace Patlewicz, Olavi Pelkonen, Erwin Roggen, Costanza Rovida, Irmela Ruhdel, Michael Schwarz, Andreas Schepky, Greet Schoeters, Nigel Skinner, Kerstin Trentz, Marian Turner, Philippe Vanparys, James Yager, Joanne Zurlo, and Thomas Hartung:

PDF icon A roadmap for the development of alternative (non-animal) methods for systemic toxicity testing


Andrew Knight:
PDF icon Assessing the necessity of chimpanzee experimentation


Jane Johnson and Brett Lidbury:
PDF icon Testing Times: A symposium on the ethics and epistemology of animal experimentation, Sydney, Australia

Yula Sambuy, Francesca Caloni, Marisa Meloni, and Pilar Prieto:
PDF icon CELLTOX1991-2011: Twenty years of in vitro toxicology: achievements and future challenges, Rome, Italy


PDF icon CAATfeed
PDF icon ecopa


CHN: Focus on replacement at “Asia for Animals” conference
EU: SEURAT-1 publishes first report
GER: States consider introduction of animal protection class actions
GER: Donor animal program for education in biology and veterinary science
GER: More animals used for scientific purposes in 2010
GER: Award of research prize “Alternative and Complimentary Methods” 2011
GER: Animal Protection Research Prize awarded
UK: New InterNICHEwebsite with Studies Database
USA: EPA guidance for waiving or bridging of mammalian acute toxicity tests
USA: EPA releases formerly confidential chemical information
USA: EPA, along with Tox21 partners, releases list of 10,000 chemicals being screened by robot system
SUI: Fondation Egon Naef mourns its founder

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Progress in Refinement: Enhancement of Scientific Integrity and Animal Well-Being
November 30, 2107

GIVIMP and Quality Procedures for the EU-ToxRisk Project (Webinar)
December 1, 2017
Details TBA


Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture
May 21-23, 2018
Cardiff University, UK
2nd Pan-American Conference for Alternative Methods
August 23-24, 2018
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

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