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ALTEX: Current Issue 2016: Vol 33, No. 3

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ALTEX 33.3

Sonja von Aulock 


Thomas Hartung
E-cigarettes and the need and opportunities for alternatives to animal testing

Research article
Marco Cocorocchio, Robert Ives, David Clapham, Paul L. R. Andrews and Robin S. B. Williams
Bitter tastant responses in the amoeba Dictyostelium correlate with rat and human taste assays

Research article
Fawzy A. Elnady 
The Elnady Technique: An innovative, new method for tissue preservation

Research article
Constança Carvalho, Mariana Vieira Crespo, Luísa Ferreira Bastos, Andrew Knight and Luís Vicente
Contribution of animal models to contemporary understanding of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Research article
Anna Kuehn, Stephanie Kletting, Cristiane de Souza Carvalho-Wodarz, Urska Repnik, Gareth Griffiths, Ulrike Fischer, Eckart Meese, Hanno Huwer, Dagmar Wirth, Tobias May, Nicole Schneider-Daum and Claus-Michael Lehr 
Human alveolar epithelial cells expressing tight junctions to model the air-blood barrier

Research article
Anke M. Tukker, Martje W. G. D. M. de Groot, Fiona M. J. Wijnolts, Emma E. J. Kasteel, Laura Hondebrink and Remco H. S. Westerink 
Is the time right for in vitro neurotoxicity testing using human iPSC-derived neurons?

 t4 Workshop report
Uwe Marx, Tommy B. Andersson, Anthony Bahinski, Mario Beilmann, Sonja Beken, Flemming R. Cassee, Murat Cirit, Mardas Daneshian, Susan Fitzpatrick, Olivier Frey, Claudia Gaertner, Christoph Giese, Linda Griffith, Thomas Hartung, Minne B. Heringa, Julia Hoeng, Wim H. de Jong, Hajime Kojima, Jochen Kuehnl, Marcel Leist, Andreas Luch, Ilka Maschmeyer, Dmitry Sakharov, Adrienne J. A. M. Sips, Thomas Steger-Hartmann, Danilo A. Tagle, Alexander Tonevitsky, Tewes Tralau, Sergej Tsyb, Anja van de Stolpe, Rob Vandebriel, Paul Vulto, Jufeng Wang, Joachim Wiest, Marleen Rodenburg and Adrian Roth 
Biology-inspired microphysiological system approaches to solve the prediction dilemma of substance testing

Cristina Barbosa da Silva, Gabriel Mendes de Souza Martins and Walter Lilenbaum 
Blood collection by gingival puncture on hamsters reduces animal number in leptospirosis virulence tests

Alexandra Maertens, Bruno Hubesch and Costanza Rovida 
Two Good Read-across Practice workshops. Making it work for you!

CORNERS (download all Corners as pdf)


NEWS (download all News as pdf

AUS: Planned ban on cosmetic products tested on animals
EU: REACH annexes amended – registrants to use alternative test methods
EU: ECHA requires considerations for alternative methods to be included in testing proposals
EU: Guide on avoiding new animal tests for REACH registration available
EU: Study on fish embryo toxicity test published
EU: Presentations of ECHA Workshop available
EU: EPAA 3Rs Science Prize open for submissions
GER: Call for tenders for the Felix Wankel Animal-Welfare-Research-Award 2017
GER: Science instead of Animal Experiments Congress
GER: Hamburg offers 3Rs research prize
INT: HIS/HSUS to fund publication of roadmaps to extend Tox21 to biosciences
INT: Deadline for AOP Awards extended
SUI: News from ALTEX
UK: From dogs to 3D tissue models: the 2015 3Rs Prize
UK: LUSH Prize nominations open
UK: Improving compliance with the ARRIVE guidelines
USA: 2017 Science-based Refinement Awards
USA: TSCA reform bill signed into law 




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