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Job Opening: CEO of CAAT-Europe

Job Position – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at CAAT-Europe

CAAT-Europe is an academic research center and communication platform that was established in 2010 as joint venture between the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Konstanz (Germany). The organization’s mission is to promote the uses of the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, and refinement) in toxicology and drug development by bringing together various stakeholder groups. A particular focus is to promote the 2007 US National Academy of Sciences’ vision of a new toxicology in Europe, and to facilitate transatlantic exchange on new concepts and strategies. This bridging function is reflected by the co-directorate of CAAT-Europe by Thomas Hartung (Baltimore) and Marcel Leist (Konstanz). Operationally, CAAT-Europe is situated in Konstanz, and its CEO will have the responsibility to further pursue the above objectives. We invite applications from candidates that are highly motivated to strengthen the collaboration between the public, academia, the private sector, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders in the field of animal-free toxicity testing.

Skill set/personality requirements:

  • Capacity to follow several projects simultaneously and to quickly adapt to new fields
  • Comprehensive project management (organization of workshops and info-days, coordination and guidance of collaborators, interaction with university administration)
  • Capacity to build and maintain good relationships with very different types of people
  • Proactive working style and flexibility
  • Strong communication skills with capacity to build and use professional and personal networks
  • Being or becoming an expert concerning knowledge of key actors and opinion leaders in the field
  • Taking pleasure in compiling knowledge from different domains and condensing it into attractive reports
  • Able to develop standing in the field


  • Contribute to writing of workshop reports and grant proposals
  • Contribute to developing the field of in vitro toxicology and other CAAT-Europe areas of interest
  • Organization of workshops, info-days, and board meetings
  • Develop new activities and maintain contact with the CAAT board and associated stakeholders
  • Coordinate work of CAAT-Europe staff, internal and external communications


  • PhD or equivalent in life sciences
  • Previous working experience in the field of alternatives to animal testing is a must
  • Working language: English; Capacity to communicate on a basic level in German

Contract Duration/Working conditions:

  • Annually-renewable (no limit to this); first period: present – XII/2015.
  • The contract will be equivalent to a Scientist position at the University of Konstanz, with typical requirements for such a university position. A larger proportion of the work does not require physical presence, and would allow working remotely.

Please email all inquiries to Ruth Brady.

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