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Middle School Students Hold Fundraiser for CAAT

In 2012, CAAT received a surprise email from Holly Smith, a teacher at East Hills Middle School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Smith's 7th grade students, as part of her "Be the Change" class, decided to create a "Candygrams for Critters" fundraiser to raise awareness about alternatives to animal testing. The two students who led the effort were Audrey Gao and Izzy Alo, and they coordinated the sales of candy in the school, which turned out to be extremely popular. They raised over $300 for CAAT's efforts (along with awareness of animal testing alternatives), and CAAT Communications Manager Michael Hughes visited the school to thank them for their support and to talk to them about the CAAT's work in advancing the 3Rs.

You can watch a video about this terrific project on CAAT's YouTube channel.

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