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Green Toxicology Workshop

October 23, 2014
Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland

Green toxicology is the application of predictive toxicology to the production of chemicals with the specific intent of improving their design for hazard reduction. The twelve principles of green chemistry outline a strategy to reduce hazard through molecular and process design. Reducing toxicity is at the core of green chemistry and sustainability, therefore the input of toxicologists early in the chemical enterprise is essential to inform the choices of molecular designers in selecting less hazardous design strategies. Information derived from mechanistic and computational toxicology combined forms the nexus between toxicology and green chemistry. Each group is trained to examine, understand and describe aspects of the structure hazard relationship from a narrow perspective. This conference will provide a forum for collaboration among academia and industry working in complementary fields to discover common ground in the quest for safer chemicals.


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For more information, see the event's flyer (PDF).

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