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OncoTheis Wins 2015 Lush Science Prize for In Vitro Cancer Modeling

OncoTheis has won the prestigious 2015 Lush Science Prize for its OncoCilAir™project.

OncoCilAir™ is a unique in vitro human lung-cancer modelthat recapitulates tumor growth in functional airway tissue. OncoCilAir™ allows testing drug efficacy and side-toxicity, drug resistance, and tumor recurrence.

OncoTheis is a Swiss biotech company dedicated to developing innovative bioengineered tissues and organoids for cancer research. The have produced a new generation of integrated 3D in vitro models that combine both healthy and cancerous tissues in order to accurately simulate in vivo situation. Such models are intended to increase the quality of preclinical research while reducing animal testing.

Since 2014, OncoTheis has received several prizes recognizing its involvement in the development of reliable in vitro alternatives to animal experimentation, including the Egon Naëf Foundation prize, the EthicScience award and now, the Lush Science Prize.

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