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Announcing CAAT Academy: Focused, Intensive "Hands-On" Training in Alternative Methods and Technologies for Toxicologists

First Session Begins May 20th: Limited Space, So Apply Now!

We are delighted to announce CAAT Academy, a joint venture of CAAT US (Johns Hopkins University) and CAAT-Europe (University of Konstanz). CAAT Academy employs experts from Europe and the U.S. to provide hands-on-training (HOT) in human-relevant alternative methods and technologies for toxicologists of all levels of experience, from operational to PhD. 

CAAT Academy will begin its 2016 program with 3 sessions during the first semester:

May 20th, 2016
In Silico Modeling and Tools Under REACH 
Hosted by ROCAM in Cluj, Romania
Registration and Information

June 8th, 2016
Animal-free Pyrogenicity and Endotoxin Testing Under the New EU Pharmacopeia Chapter 5.1.10

Hosted by CAAT-Europe in Konstanz, Germany 
Registration and information

June 23-24th, 2016
Hepatotoxicity Testing Based on AOP 

Hosted by Biopredic International in Rennes, France
Registration and Information

The benefits of CAAT Academy training includes:

  • Multi-site sessions across the EU 
  • 1-2 days of hands-on training with 2-3 suppliers 
  • Expert speakers involved in development and production of alternative methods
  • Technology-agnostic training on multiple platforms 
  • Exhaustive coverage of modern alternative methods 

The second semester is slated to cover training in skin toxicity, nephrotoxicity, and one other tbd. Space is limited, so please register now to guarantee your attendance. 

For further information please contact CAAT Academy coordinator Francois Busquet  or the Secretariat, Orsi Sarpataki.

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