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CAATwalk, November 15, 2016: News and Updates from CAAT

The latest CAATwalk newsletter is available. Contents include:

  1. ECHA Scientists Publish Analysis Supporting New Guidance to Reduce Acute Oral Toxicity Tests—Implementation May Save 6,000 Mice
  2. ALTEX, Marcel Leist, Giorgia Pallocca Receive LUSH Prizes
  3. CAAT 35th Birthday Celebration Keynote: Tina Bahadori (EPA) on "From Data to Decisions: 21st Century Approaches to Chemical Safety Evaluations"
  4. National Public Radio (NPR) Covers CAAT's Mini-Brain Research 
  5. E-Cigarette Deeming Regulations Raise Fresh Concerns Over Animal Testing 
  6. The Animal Welfare Act at 50 Conference
  7. CAAT 2017 Science-based Refinement Awards
  8. New OECD Guidance Documents

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