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CAATwalk: News and Updates from CAAT

July 4, 2016 Edition

The latest CAATwalk newsletter contains the following items. It can be read in its entirety here, and you can subscribe here

  1. Information Day on Progress in Alternative Methods in Toxicology and Biomedicine
  2. CAAT Academy Returns After the Summer with Two Sessions 
  3. CAAT's Mini-Brain Research Featured in Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine
  4. Thomas Hartung Quoted in Article About TSCA 
  5. ALTEX Impact Factor Rises to 5.824 
  6. Video: Thomas Hartung on Promoting Dialogue Between In Vivo, In Vitro, and In Silica at the IRCS Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan
  7. NICEATM Requests Data and Information on Developmental Toxicity Test Methods 
  8. News from Down Under: RSPCA Welcomes Planned Ban on Cosmetic Testing on Animals

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