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Joint Information Day on Biology Inspired Microsystems—Status and Future

June 11th 2015, Berlin, Germany

09:00 16:30 

Sana Hotel ( Berlin, Germany

Sponsored by CAAT, Roche, University of Konstanz, Tissuse, Transatlantic Think Tank for Toxicology (t4), and TEDD

Animals are traditionally used for hazard identification, safety testing, and disease modelling in pharmaceutical, (agro)chemical, food, and environmental industry laboratories. Though in vivo tests give insight into the systemic effects of chemicals, the physiological differences between animals and man can undermine extrapolation of animal data to the human system. Human-relevant organoid in vitro systems that mimic human physiology are a novel solution to this problem and provide a new basis for in vitro-in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE).

Static human 3D cell culture models mimic human biology at a more physiological level than traditionally used 2D cell cultures. They add value to predictive toxicology but still do not fully emulate systemic human biology in vitro. Recent advanced microfabrication techniques enable the development of microfluidic "organ-on-a-chip" or even "human-on-a-chip" devices. These promise to emulate relevant aspects of single organ function and interaction among organs on a microphysiological scale, enabling a new level of physiologically relevant assays.  This Information Day brings together renowned experts in the field to inform about the status quo, promises, and current shortcomings of microphysiological systems.


Detailed agenda will be published soon.

Confirmed speakers are affiliated with:

  • TissUse, Berlin (D)
  • Hoffmann La-Roche, Basel (CH)
  • Philips Research, Eindhoven (NL)
  • The Wyss Institute at Harvard, Boston (USA)
  • ProBioGen AG
  • Beiersdorf AG
  • ETH Zürich (CH)
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (USA)

Registration (including lunch):

Until May 28th

€ 350

€ 60 (reduced price for academia)

Free for CAAT Sponsors and associates as well as for federal agencies, students and NGOs

After May 28th

 € 500

€ 300 (reduced price for academia)

€ 100 federal agencies, students and NGOs

To register, please contact

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