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Alternative Methods in Toxicology

Volume 1 - Product Safety Evaluation

Series Editor: ALAN M. GOLDBERG

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. | Publishers

Table of Contents

Part One

  1. The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
    Alan Goldberg
  2. Historical Perspective on Safety Testing
    Jacqueline Karnell Corn
  3. Legal Requirements for Safety Testing of Cosmetics
    Stephen H. McNamara
  4. Regulatory Considerations Regarding Safety Testing
    Albert C. Kolbye
  5. Industrial Practices in Safety Testing
    Edward M. Jackson

Part Two

  1. Role of Toxic Oxygen Products in Lung Damamge
    Peter A. Ward
  2. The Integrated Response of Skin to Toxic Stimuli
    Edward A. Smuckler
  3. Immunologic Mechanisms of Cutaneous Diseases
    Thomas T. Provost

Part Three

  1. Alternatives: Interaction Between Science and Animal Welfare
    Andrew N. Rowan

Part Four

  1. Alternatives in Toxicity Testing
    K.J. Falahee, C.S. Rose, H.E. Seifried, and D. Sawhey
  2. Development of a Procedure Using the Chick Egg as an Alternative to the Draize Rabbit Test
    Joseph Leighton, Joyce Nassauer, Ruy Tchao, and Judith Verdone
  3. Alternative Approaches to the Draize Assay: Chemotaxis, Cytology, Differentiation, and Membrane Transport Studies
    D.M. Stark, C. Shopsis, E. Borenfreund, and J. Walberg
  4. In Vitro Occular Irritancy Testing
    William H.J. Douglas and Stanley D. Spilman
  5. Excitable Cells in Culture: Alternative for Acute Toxicity Testing
    C.R. Horres
  6. An In Vitro Alternative for Testing the Effect of Organophosphates on Neurotoxic Esterase Activity
    Albert Fedalei and Roland M. Nardone
  7. A Process to Regulate Tissue Function In Vitro: Alternative to In Vivo Tests
    Michael L. Gruenberg and John J. Peluso
  8. An In Vitro Test for Predicting the Photosensitizing Potential (PSP) of Various Chemicals
    Daniel McAuliffe, Warwick L. Morison, and John A. Parrish
  9. Analysis of Photon Emission Rates in Luminescence-Deficient Strains of Photobacterium: An Alternative Approach to Evaluating Genotoxic Properties of Chemical Products
    Stanley Scher
  10. A Model for Toxicological Prediction
    Raymond M. Tamura
  11. Theoretical Predictions of Toxicity
    Joyce J. Kaufman, Vitor Lewchenko, P.C. Hariharan, and Walter S. Koski

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