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Alternative Methods in Toxicology

Volume 3 - In Vitro Toxicology: A Progress Report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Series Editor: ALAN M. GOLDBERG

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. | Publishers

Table of Contents

Part One: Symposium Presentations

  1. Receptor Binding Techniques in Drug Development
    Solomon H. Snyder
  2. Development of In Vitro Techniques to Measure the Inflammatory Response
    • Chairman's Introduction
      Peter A. Ward
    • Determination of Photosensitivity by an In Vitro Assay as an Alternative to Animals Testing
      D.J. McAuliffe, T. Hasan, J.A. Parrish, and I.E. Kochevar
    • Prostaglandin Production as an Index of In Vitro Cytotoxicity
      Norman H. Dubin
    • Surface Topography and Tight Junctional Organization of Epithelial Cells
      Michael A. Edidin, Markus Ammann, and Laura Major
    • An In Vitro Screen for Potential Inflammatory Agents Using Cultured Fibrolblasts
      H. Lei, K. Carroll, L.-C. Au, and S.S. Krag
    • Chairman's Summary
      Gareth M. Green
  3. Cytotoxicity - Acute Toxicity
    • Chairman's Introduction
      Donald Reed
    • Protective Effects of Calcium in the Amelioration of Cadmium-Induced Cytotoxicity in Cultured Murine Parenchymal Hepatocytes
      Elsie M.B. Sorensen and Daniel Acosta
    • An In Vitro Model for Acute Toxicity Screening Using Hepatocytes Freshly Isolated from Adult Mammals
      G. Krack, P. Vossen, D. Deboyser, F. Goethals, and M. Roberfroid
    • Use of Primary Hepatocyte Cultures for Studies on the Toxicological Significance of Peroxisome Proliferation
      T.J.B. Gray, B.G. Lake, J.A. Beamand, and S.D. Gangolli
    • Specific Protein Synthesis as an Indicator of Cellular Injury
      John M. Frazier
    • Chairman's Summary
      Leon Golberg
  4. Cell and Organ Specific Responses
    • Chairman's Introduction
      Andrew Rowan
    • The Use of Renal Medullary Cell Cultures as Alternatives to Live Animals for Studying Renal Medullary Toxicity
      S.E. Benns, M. Dixit, I. Ahmed, C. Ketley, and P.H. Bach
    • Inhibition of Organic Acid/Base Transport in Isolated Rabbit Renal Tubules by Nephrotoxins
      L.A. Rylander, A.J. Gandolfi, and K. Brendel
    • Arrhythmogenicity of Volatile Compounds in Beating Heart Cell Cultures
      D.J. Miletich, S. Holshouser, and R.F. Albrecht
    • The Establishment of In Vitro Systems to Evaluate Neuronal Toxicity
      Harvey S. Singer and Michael Tiemeyer
    • Lymphocyte Toxicity Induced by Chlorphentermine
      L.J. Sauers, D. Wierda, E.R. Walker, and M.J. Reasor
    • Use of Amniotic Fluid Cells for Testing Teratogens
      Nicole Bournias-Vardiabasis
    • Chairman's Summary
      Paul Kotin
  5. Alternatives to the Draize Eye Test
    • Chairman's Introduction
      David Maurice
    • Macroscopic Assay of Focal Injury in the Chorioallantoic Membrane
      J. Leighton, R. Tchao, J. Verdone, and J. Nassauer
    • Comparison of Several Alternative Assays for Measuring Potential Toxicants
      D.M. Stark, E. Borenfreund, J. Walberg, and C. Shopsis
    • A Tissue Culture Model of the Human Corneal Epithelium
      Marcia M. Jumblatt and Arthur H. Neufeld
    • An In Vitro Alternative to the Draize Test
      Kwan Y. Chan
    • Chairman's Summary
      James McCulley
  6. Technology Transfer in Toxicology
    David J. Brusick

Part Two: Poster Presentations

  1. The Effects of Time on Cytotoxicity Testing In Vitro Using Primary Cultures of Adult Rat Hepatocytes
    Brian I. Carr
  2. Neurotoxic Esterase in Cultured Cells: An In Vitro Alternative for the Study of Organophosphorous Compound-Induced Delayed Neurotoxicity
    C.D. Carrington, M.N. Carrington, and M.B. Abou-Donia
  3. Surfactant-Induced Primary Irritancy: An In Vitro Model
    V.A. De Leo, L.C. Harber, B. Kong, and S. De Salva

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