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Companies that test on animals

We don't maintain a list of companies that do or don't test on animals, nor can we verify the accuracy of the lists that are available. But we can refer you to a couple of web sites where you can order such a listing.  Please be aware, though, that the two lists given below may use different criteria for which companies they include.

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) offers a list of companies that have adopted a "Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals," agreeing not to test on animals during any stage of product development. This "shopping guide" is available online, or they will mail you a free wallet-sized copy of the guide.

The National Anti-Vivisectionist Society offers a book for sale ($10) called "Personal Care for People Who Care." It briefly discusses some of the tests used and some of the alternatives, and it provides different symbols to indicate whether a given company does no animal testing whatsoever, versus one that may buy ingredients tested on animals and so forth. You can order the book by calling 1-800-888-NAVS or go to their web site.  The web site also allows to you check whether a particular company tests on animals or if a particular product was tested on animals.

For a good discussion of just what "cruelty-free" labeling means, please visit the Center for Laboratory Animal Welfare web site.

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