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The following links were selected because they contain information and resources of interest to the U.S. and International Scientific Community. For a complete list of related Web sites linked to Altweb, check out the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) related links page.

We're always looking for new Web sites, provided they support the concept of the "Three Rs." We define alternatives as methods that refine existing tests to lessen animal pain and distress, reduce the number of animals needed for a test, or replace animals with other methods. If you have a site to recommend, let us know!

We've also compiled a list of the many other 3Rs centers from around the globe.

See also: Search for Alternatives, Databases, and Statistics


3Rs and Alternatives Organizations

International 3Rs and Alternatives Organizations Site

Listing of 3Rs and Alternatives Organizations

3Rs—Definitions and Descriptions

Alternatives in Education

Animal Use Information/Statistics

Bioethics in Animal Research

Biomedical Research Organizations

Databases (see also Search for Alternatives)

Environmental Enrichment (see also Refinement)

Funding in the 3Rs

Government Agencies

Humane Science (see also 3Rs)

In Vitro Science

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committees (IACUCs)/Ethical Review Committees


Laboratory Animal Welfare

Legislation, Regulations, Guidelines

Non-mammalian Models (fish, reptiles and amphibians, C. elegans)

Pain & Distress (see also Refinement)

Reduction (experimental design, statistical analysis)

Refinement (housing, handling, husbandry)

Replacement (in vitro methods, computer simulations, manikins, and models)

Research Programs

Search for Alternatives (see also Databases)

Toxicology/Toxicity Testing

World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences

Links for Teens and Kids

Animal Protection Sites

Cool Animal Sites

Cool Science Sites

Humane Treatment of Farm Animals

Use of Animals in Biomedical Research

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